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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"
Helen Keller


Passport Ready!

Fly me to you!


Whether I'm chillin' on a sandy San Diego beach, scuba diving in Hawaii, or sipping martinis in Miami, I can be your dream travel companion. So let me tempt you to take the leap and invite me to accompany you on your next business trip or relaxing vacation.


It's No Secret...

I love to travel!

I'm passport ready and pretty spontaneous so I can be by your side wherever you are... Stop dreaming about having a hot blonde to share your trip with... I'm right here!


That said, we do need to make sure that traveling together will be a positive experience and enjoyable for both of us. For that reason I do tend to favor the travel requests from gentlemen who I have already had the pleasure of meeting. 


I'm sometimes available with only a few days notice but if we have not already met I recommend providing me with at least 2 weeks notice to avoid disappointment. 


Follow me on Twitter for my latest US travel plans and tour dates. I regularly travel to New York, Las Vegas and Miami.


Please Note

All travel bookings need to be compensated for in full and in advance including all travel expenses.

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